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WaitElement and search from current element

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WaitElement and search from current element

The WaitElement Documentation states: "To search through the entire page starting from the page’s root element, put a double slash (//) at the beginning of the XPath expression. To start the search from the current element, use a dot (.)."


My Problem:

This returns a valid object, but it is very slow. I'm guessing its slow because it starts with double slash (//) which means it searches the entire page, of which there are tons of elements.




This is my attempt at starting the xpath with a dot(.), but it causes an "object does not exist" error:




Can someone provide a working example of an xpath expression that starts with a dot (.) ?

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I guess that XPath should be like this:


note double slash after dot.


Does it help ?


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Yes, that works. Thanks for your reply.

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