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Visual Studio crashes when importing TC test


Visual Studio crashes when importing TC test

Hi everyone,

I'm using TestComplete 10.50 and Visual Studio 2013 Professional and trying to run a TC test from VS, following, section"Creating and Configuring a Test Project".


The following steps work fine so far:


  • Launch Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new Visual Studio test project.

  • In the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, add a new folder to your Visual Studio test project.

  • Right-click the folder and select Open Folder in Windows Explorer from the context menu. This will open the folder you created in Windows Explorer.

  • Place your TestComplete project suite files to the folder. (That's the *.pjs files, I guess)

  • In Visual Studio Solution Explorer, add a new TestComplete 12 Test item to the folder.


But then


  • Open the TestComplete 12 Test item you created in the editor and specify the path to your TestComplete project suite located in the new folder. -> VS crashes, saying something like "VS stopped working, searching for a solution", then restarts.


I'm a bit lost...can anyone help out please? Are those steps TC 12 only and won't work with TC 10? If so, whcih steps would I use? I remember the hole thing working out several months ago, but with a different VS edition (might this be causing problems?).

Thanks in advance,



 Edit: Same happens if I follow the steps from, which is for TC 10 and VS 2013, i.e. slightly more appropriate for my constellation.



Uh well, after all, deinstalling and reinstalling the Visual Studio 2013 Integration for TestComplete was all that was needed...should have thought of it a lot earlier Smiley Embarassed

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