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Use Case for User Forms


Use Case for User Forms

I don't need any help (yet) on building a user form, what I would like to ask if this use case is best handled through a user form.


As a TestComplete user, I want to interact with a web site where initial loading times are slow, but which get faster after the first invocation. I want to be able to switch between two variables that choose the wait time for the web site to load, after which my test will start, using the wait time variable I selected.

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You certainly could do that but it makes your test less flexible.  How do you decide what's a faster load time?  Perhaps there's a way we can get TC to do the work for you.

This web site has a reproducible behaviour where the first load time is 2-3 times slower than subsequent invocations in the same browser session.


I'd love to make the wait time dynamic, but really have no idea how.

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I don't think you need to worry about the wait time being dynamic if you're using the correct methods.  There are multiple methods built in to TestComplete where there is a "timeout" where you set a maximum wait time but, if the objects return before then, the project continues. 


So, for example, if you're concerned with page load, every page object has a Wait method where you can set a maximum time out.


if you're waiting for a mapped Aliased object, you can use WaitAliasChild


And so on.  So, there's not really a need to prompt for the wait time, simply to set your maximum wait time sufficiently long enough to handle that initial load.

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Thanks, seems simple enough.

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