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Testcomplete - WPF Application- dotfuscator applications (on obfuscated product)

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Testcomplete - WPF Application- dotfuscator applications (on obfuscated product)



Will Testcomplete supports WPF application, with Dotfuscator configuration files that protect the application via obfuscation and injection of runtime checks.


Does it suports Automation on obfuscated products?




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Hi Usha,


To my level of knowledge, yes, this should be supported technically. But as obfuscators replace metadata in .Net executables with human-unreadable values (and I expect those are picked-up by TestComplete), you will have to deal with them in your test code.

I also expect that new values are generated for every obfuscation cycle, so I am pretty sure that your test code will not be stable enough.

To make a long story short: I think that technically this is supported, but is not practically usable.


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