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TestExecute - unable to invoke test execute remotely


TestExecute - unable to invoke test execute remotely



I got stuck at invoking Test Execute on a remote machine using PSEXEC.


I am trying to run .bat file “TE.bat” on a remote machine A from the machine B. The command prompt opens up on A with the .bat content but TestExecute is not opening automatically. After sometime the command prompt gets closed.


If I directly run TE.bat on machine A, Test Execute opens without any issues.

Here is the code I am using on Machine B:

C:\>C:\Tools\PSEXEC.exe \\MachineA  -i cmd.exe /c start C:\TE.bat




@echo startscripts

“c:\Program Files\Automated QA\TestExecute 8\Bin\TestExecute.exe” “Q:\Root\Projects\TestA\TestA.mds” /r  /exit


Any pointers or suggestions to invoke Test Execute from the remote machine would be highly appreciated.


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Hi Geeth,

I'm not a PSEXEC guru, but I think that the problem might be in incorrect specifying of the command-line parameters. Have you tried sharing your problem on the following forums? or

The fact is that it's hard to provide you with high-quality support from our side if the problem isn't in our product. Sorry 🙂

I’m not a member of the SmartBear Support Team, I’m just helping users in this community. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of SmartBear Software.
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Hi Geeth,

I am struggling with the same issue with PSExec . were you able to clear it ?

if yes, can you please help me my posting the solution to my email id "".

Thanks & Regards,

Vamsi Kumar Kethineni


This may help if this is still a concern for you:

* You will need to identify the session on the remote machine. (You can run it with the command "QUERY SESSION /SERVER:<your_server_name>" You'll get some output for this command. depending on how you're logged on, you should see 1 or more active sessions (in my case it was an active rdp session [2]. if you do not specify the session number it will run as the console session by default [0]

Now, once you have the active session you can use it with the -i option. I.e. psexec -i 2 \\<server_name> notepad.exe 

You can also use the -s switch to run the application with elevated privilages


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