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TestExecute 10.5 safari not working anymore

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TestExecute 10.5 safari not working anymore

Since we use TestExecute 10.5 we experience problems with Safari. 

(We only have 1 test to validate our applications check for non supported browsers. )

On local machines (where we create tests running TestComplete) the test works fine. On those machines we see the Safari extension installed.

On the virtual server where we run TestExecute we do not see the Safari extension. The browser starts, but TestExecute cannot interact with the browser.

Additional info from test output

Process ID: 11308

Process Command Line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Safari\Safari.exe"

Info: Cannot find any existing or open blank page.


Somebody any ideas?
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Hi Rob,

Actually... Support for Safari is discontinued since TC 10.4 ( This might explain why the extension is absent.
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I just found out that Safari is not supported anymore (using v10.60) - as TestComplete can't find any objects in a Safari v.5.1.7 browser (runnning on WIN7 OS).


What is the reason behind this decision ? Is Safari going to be discontinued by Apple, or ?


I'll reply myself 🙂 getting up to information speed.....




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