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TestComplete some time does not identifies the Silverlight objects

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TestComplete some time does not identifies the Silverlight objects


Currently I am working on Silverlight 5 and I am facing problem with object identification.

This problem is not consitance, some time TestComplete identifies the object without any problem and after couple of execution it stops identifiyng the object.

Does any one know what might be the problem?
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Hello Dhana,

Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide you with some other but basic help without actually seeing your application under test or knowing your environment specifics.

That is why, I still recommend that you contact our Support Team directly by submitting a ticket via this web form, send them your application under test and your test project so that they could investigate the problem properly and provide you with some decent solution.

i have a doubt in the fiveth point in Adding the Application topic, which explains about the application ID

The "Preparing Test Projects for Testing Out-of-Browser Silverlight Application" Help topic contains the instruction on how to get your Silverlight application ID. Have you tried following that instruction? What step of the instruction caused difficulties?

By the way, is your Silverlight application out-of-browser? Is it executed in a web browser?

Thank you.

I’m not a member of the SmartBear Support Team, I’m just helping users in this community.

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I too am facing the Silverlight objects identification issue many times.IE9-64 bit.

Using tcAgPatcher.exe for .xap file conversion. Launching browser and loading application after TestComplete 9 is launched. Clearing browser cache at every launch. Silvering light application preparation. Browser settings done as mentioned in the Help.

I have raised this issue with Support team and have been suggested to upgrade TC to 10.In TC 10 popups and messageboxpopup controls are not being identified. So, I had to switch back to TC 9.

With TC 9 the issue repeats. I am wondering why TestComplete behaves inconsistently -sometimes it identifies Silverlight controls and sometimes not. TestComplete team is not able to provide solution since 2012.

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Hi Sailaja,


As far as I see, the Customer Care team is working with you on resolving the recognition issue with the popup in TestComplete 10. I hope they will be able to provide you with a solution so that you could continue using TestComplete 10.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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