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TestComplete log chart/summary when running individual scripts via Jenkins

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TestComplete log chart/summary when running individual scripts via Jenkins

When using Jenkins you can run scripts via the Test Items under the project in TestComplete or you can run individual scripts. When using Test Items I am able to get a summary pie chart and graph in the TestComplete log, but when I run individual scripts I am not getting that summary pie chart or stats. How can I get this if I only run individual scripts via Jenkins? The attachment includes Jenkins job configuration, Pie chart image (what I am looking for) and non pie chart image (what I am currently getting). I believe Jenkins only uses a plugin and log is all related to TestComplete so this must be a TestComplete issue/solution.

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@TanyaYatskovska is this


still true for individual tests?


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Yes, this is correct. Just in case, I would like to quote the previous answer in this thread:


"The summary report with charts is available only for project and project suite test results.


If you want to implement this, you will need to save the entire log to the XML format, parse it and draw the charts you need."
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