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TestComplete editor blocks test

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TestComplete editor blocks test

When I execute a test, the tested application is brought to focus. But then the TestComplete pops back up and blocks the test from seeing the object that it needs to click.


If I start the test with the TC editor way to right so it doesn't block where the first click will be, then after the first click in the application TestComplete stays hidden.


What do I need to do to hide TestComplete as soon as I start the test?

I added a myTestApp -> Maximize as the very first step, but that does not help.

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Couple of things.  First of all, under Tools | Current Project Properties | Project | Playback there is an option for "Minimize TestComplete".  This will make sure TestComplete is minimized on test run.


Second of all, if TestComplete being maximized on the screen is getting in the way of your automated playback, something is not right with your automation.  TestComplete clicks on objects and components in an application based upon the components so it should activate your application on that first click.  If TestComplete being up on screen is interfereing, then I would look at how you're executing your tests and make sure that you have your component mappings correct.


Finally, note that when a test is running, the machine on which you're running it cannot be used for anything else during the run duration.  Mouse clicks and keystrokes that you perform while the test is running will interfere with the test run.

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Thanks Robert - 'Minimize TestComplete' was it!

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