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TestComplete does not see the treeview eclipse IDE

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TestComplete does not see the treeview eclipse IDE


I am testing the tool TestComplete to automate the testing project creation in Eclipse IDE. However,
it has a moment where I need to select a folder in the treeview
"package explorer" eclipse occurs and the following error in my test:
"The window is invisible and thus cannot be activated".

believe the TestComplete provides a solution to my problem, but I do
not have experience in tool and must show the tests to my manager a few
days. Anyone know a possible solution?

Thank you.

Hi Afranio,

We have reproduced the issue on the latest version of TestComplete 7 (ver. 7.52). However, the issue does not occur on the latest version of the tool (v. 8.0) that has been released recently. So, check whether the issue occurs on TestComplete 8.0.

Best regards,

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