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TestComplete aqObject.CheckProperty method


TestComplete aqObject.CheckProperty method

I was recently told by a co-worker to avoid using the aqObject.CheckProperty method to validate data because it can be decommission in the future. Is this true? Personally, I've been using TestComplete since version 3 and never encountered an issue when using Smartbear's check methods. I would appreciate your thoughts, experience, and opinions. Thank you.

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Description. The aqObject. CheckProperty method allows you to perform a property checkpoint from script code, that is, to verify an object's property value according to a certain condition. If the verification succeeds, the method posts a success message to the test log; otherwise it posts a failure message.

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I would like to see the source where your co-worker got this information.

I do not remember to see any warning like this in the documentation and .CheckProperty() is the method that I use very often in my test code.


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