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Test Complete Integrity with TFS

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Test Complete Integrity with TFS

Dear Experts,


Do we have facility in Test Complete to integrate our automation projects with TFS? If so, kindly do let us know the procedure how can we proceed with integration of Test complete scripts with TFS.

Do we need any additional plug ins to show the TFS source control tool in Test Complete?


Thanks and Regards,


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 Just for source control?


Or for updating cases stored in TFS/Test Manager?


I don't use it for source control. But we do all our project and test management with it. Currently having all sorts of fun integrating my test framework into it via the new RESTful TFS API to run test suites and post results. Gettings projects/plans & test suites is straitforward enough. Crating and updating test runs, and correctly linking them to the plan/suite they relate to is a little more tricky. (Mainly thanks to the documentation for the API.)


It works. Mostly. But the RESTful API is still pretty new so the documentation leaves a little to be desired!

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