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Test Complete Execution Issue After Windows Update

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Test Complete Execution Issue After Windows Update

Dear Team

I am getting this object identification/type mismatch issue every time after executing script whenever windows version update .After spending couple of hours , I realized that there is no issue for scripting or programming because same script is working in test complete 14 version and also worked well before update windows version . I am unable to get solution about this issue. This issue occurred whenever windows version is updating . Whenever I roll back windows changes with old restore point then script worked well with test complete 9 . I can not stop windows update and looking for those solution where test complete 9 can handle this issue with latest window version.

I don't know why TC/windows version is creating issue for execution but Test Complete 14 able to execute same script but not test complete 9.


I have posted this issue on your community few month before.

Solved: Re: Exists and Find Child Property didn't work - SmartBear Community


I have only to use Test Complete 9 version for my script.

while using only Test complete 9 , Could any team help provide some solution how script working well with updated windows 10 latest version because I don't want to format my workstation and reinstall windows 10 with version 1803 . Your help is highly appreciated to reduce my pain a lot .



Thank you 

Amit g

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Thank you for reply but I don't think so .Because same script worked well in another team workstation where windows didn't update .Same script worked well in test complete 14 version also. No one single project worked well with test complete 9 after windows update .Before Windows version update , it worked well


So We don't have any scripting issue because I was using same script from last couple of year and worked well before windows update .I think that it is supporting only windows 10 (version 1803 ) but not higher version of windows 10.


I have only option for using test complete 9 and looking for those solution if Test complete 9 can handle script execution with latest version of test complete.


Please don't hesitate if you are unclear and want to help me for removing my pain.


Thank You

Amit G


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Thank you for the link, Alex!


Hi @amit_2006 ! If the Community replies won't work for your case, please report this issue as a support ticket here. 

Sonya Mihaljova
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