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'Stopping' a Test More Quickly

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'Stopping' a Test More Quickly

I have a script that has been running over the weekend. When I stop the test on Monday morning (Shift+F2) I get "Stopping...". This dialog remains on screen for several hours and I am still waiting. Presumably it is building the log file.

1) Is there a way to improve the speed of "Stopping"?

2) Can I tell TestComplete to build the log file as it goes so that as soon as the execution stops the log can be inspected?

3) How can I kill this dialog immediately so that I can continue testing? Will interupting it give me the log up to the point of interuption or no log at all?
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2) Right-click on the Project name, select menu Edit | Properties, then go to the Playback group of options. There you will see the Save log every ... minutes, this is what you are looking for.
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Thanks Gena, I'll try that.
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