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'Show mobile screen' button missing in TestComplete 1530

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'Show mobile screen' button missing in TestComplete 1530



so i just nstalled TestComplete version 1530 on my laptop. I've just activated my trial license for mobile and web testing and I'm trying to do a sample test of an app on a phone. But I don't see the 'show mobile screen' button on the GUI of the application. Is there an extension or plugin that i need to install additionally or do I enable a setting somewhere?


Thank you, I'm just starting out with TC and all the videos I've seen on youtube have this option but I don't.

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the application and I'm able to see and access the 'Show mobile screen' ribbon. It seems like upgrading from an earlier version to the newer one instead of a new installation triggered this error.

Hi @Akash91 


Hope you are well. 


I will let the product team know about this. 


Its a good reference thread in case anyone else has the same issue. 

Its strange as my 15.30 instance upgraded with no issues. 


Anyways glad it is working for you now 


Thanks for letting us know 



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