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SessionCreator (TestExecute) - PrjVar is not an option

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SessionCreator (TestExecute) - PrjVar is not an option

**EDIT** this option works, but not via SessionCreator method, still pending fix...

**EDIT** turns out i read the VERY latest information on the below, and infact PrjVar is a new functionality, as such an upgrade should solve this issue!



According to this page: i should be able to input a value for a variable using /PrjVar: in a command line entry (session creator).


I have tried this and it informs me that "Flag could not be matched: PrjVar:String"


The list of options also returned when running the session creator does not include the PrjVar option.

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@hkim5 I dont see any options to pass prj var .I tried in 14.74. Can you share your command line scripts?

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I've just tried this (using the /arg:psv...) on 14.74 and get the error that /arg flag could not be matched (as attached), and it is not shown in the list of options for "RunTest" - same error as when trying to use just the pv or psv flag.




in the backlog, this is shown as having been fixed in version 14.74.179.

Here is the cmd line args i used:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\x64\Bin\SessionCreator.exe" RunTest /UserName:myDomain\ /password:MyComputerPassword /UA /ProjectPath:"C:\path_to\my_project\myProjectSuite.pjs" /project:myProjectName /test:"KeywordTests|Test4" /arg:pv:test1="1234"

where my project variable is called test1 (so you would reference them in your tests as Project.Variables.test1)


Justin Kim
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@hkim5 I tried for Version: 14.74.437.11 dint work.

I get this 

Flag could not be matched: arg
SessionCreator.exe RunTest {OPTIONS}

Run the specified TestComplete test.


ok, as far as im aware, the fix that ive proposed here should be included in the next release of Testcomplete, scheduled for mid April. I think the easiest thing to do for now would be to wait two weeks or so.

Justin Kim
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@hkim5  We had a question from Devops 

For the session creator run machines, is it possible to put them behind a LoadBalancer so that the call just executes against a single endpoint, but the tests are distributed across machines?

Wanted to provide an example and request that this example be added to the Session Creator documentation page

I was able to use a Project Variable with the command line Session Creator tool by doing the following

  1. adding /arg: option
  2. adding pv: within in the /arg:
  3. then setting the project variable to the desired value
  4. FULL EXAMPLE: /arg:pv:testedApp_AUT=xxxxTEST

Full Session Creator command line (some project specific elements are replaced by x's):




"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 15\Bin\SessionCreator.exe" RunTest /Username:xxxxxxx /Password:${bamboo.tc_password} /ScreenResolution:"3204*1288" /ProjectPath "C:\Users\xxxx\workspace\testcompletetrial\xxxxxx.pjs" /p:"qa_Automation" /t:"SmokeTests|xxxxSmoke" /arg:pv:testedApp_AUT=xxxxTEST /exportlog:"${}/xxxxx_Results/index.html"




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