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Replicating HTTP Tasks

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Replicating HTTP Tasks

We're working on testing a situation with multiple of our applications running on the same server box, trying to replicate a problem.  We have 90 web sites on that box, basically all the same, that I'm recording tasks against. 

However, I'm looking for something faster.  Essentially each site is of the format

http://<some IP Address>/NFolderName/Page1.html 

Where N increments for each site (one site is named 1FolderName, the next is 2FolderName, etc).

Is there a way that I can record one task but then do something like a copy and paste to create another task and just change the foldername for the new site?  I could not find it when I tried yesterday and editing the XML with a find and replace didn't work.

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RE: Replicating HTTP Tasks

Hi Robert,

You can try changing the request URLs programmatically before running your test. Try parsing the HTTPRequest.RequestHeader property.

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