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Relative path for Tested Apps


Relative path for Tested Apps


I need to run my TC scripts for my app for which the exe path will be dependant on something.  Exe filename will be the same irrespective of the path.  Path to exe may be either c:\Users\something\Bin\something.exe or c:\vsstest\soemthing\desktopbinaries\something.exe.  How do I set the relative path for the tested apps to point to either one of them.  At the time of execution, the exe will be in either one of the folders only.
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Hi Madhi,

You can:

a) Use the methods and properties of the TestedApps/TestedApp object to set the proper value of the TestedApp.Path property from the script (see relevant help topics for more details); or

b) Create a Project Variable that will hold the path to the tested application and assign the value of this variable to the TestedApp.Path property from the script like in case a).

Also you may consider running your test project in the Network mode ("Sharing Projects and Project Suites Among Several Testers" help topic) in which case the path to the tested application may be different when the test project is executed from different computers.
  /Alex [Community Champion]
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