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Python Version support: for TestComplete

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Python Version support: for TestComplete

Hi All, 


As we know, we have 2 major version of Python- 2.x and 3.x. 


I have installed 2.x version in my system for the other purpose (need of the project)

I think python3.0 is get installed in TestComplete by default.hence several time get the conflict errors .


How we can handled multiple version in system or how we can specified to TC to pick the modules or libraries from give path only.

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Re: Python Version support: for TestComplete



TC's Python compiler, as far as I am aware, is going to always use that version.  So, for automated testing purposes, you should write all your automated tests to use that version.  Importing modules from outside of TestComplete should make sure that those modules are supported in that version.  At least, that's my best understanding.

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