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Problems with C++ Builder and Java

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Problems with C++ Builder and Java


I have downloaded the trial edition and is now evaluating TestComplete, but I'm unable to run my application when it is started by TestComplete. It runs fine on its own, but when it is started by TestComplete it crashes without any error message or exception during start up. The last module loaded is tcMSVCHook.dll, then all threads exits with exit code 1. I have both tested on WinXP 32 bit SP3 and WinXP 64 bit SP2 with the same result.

My application is written in C++ Builder 6 and is using Jace to integrate the Java Virtual Machine in my program. I have found that the problem is the integration of the JVM, when I don't load the JVM, then my app runs fine when started from TestComplete.

Can this be a bug in TestComplete, or is the problem more likely in Jace?


RE: Problems with C++ Builder and Java

Hi Sigbjoern,

What TestComplete version are you using? Please update to the latest version (TC 7.52) if you are using an earlier version. If the problem persists, to help us investigate it, please follow the steps below:

1. Download a free trial version of AQtime 6, which is our profiling tool, from our web site. The trial can be requested on the following page of our web site:

2. Install the tool.

3. Add your application to the list of tested applications. See the "Adding Tested Applications" article for details.

4. Select the 'Profile' item in the 'Run Mode' cell in the TesteaApps editor. Please read the "Run Modes" article for more information.

5. Click the ellipsis button within the Parameters cell. The Parameters dialog occurs (see the "Parameters Dialog" article).

6. Set the following settings in the Parameters dialog:

 a. Profiler: Exception Trace Profiler.

 b. Run mode: Normal.

 c. Check the 'Set Run mode after profiling started' check box.

7. Right-click the tested application in the TestedApps editor and click 'Run Selected' in the context menu.

8. AQtime will trace all exceptions that will occur in the application.

9. After the problem occurs, right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Save All...' item.

10. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send us the file via our Contact Support form.

Thanks in advance.
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