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Problem with XMLCheckpoint

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Problem with XMLCheckpoint


I need to verify XML doc. There are some  nodes in it which I want to ignore. After that, order of  nodes in this document is random. So, I tried to use two options: "Ignore node order" and "Compare in subtree mode". Each of these options separately is working good, but when I use them together, verify process is not going to finish. Testcomplete process is growing and growing and never ends.


Anyone has the same expirience or has any idea what's wrong? 


Thanks in advance.

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I think I figured out your issue, it's just that if you assume theses 2 constraints the possibilities are so huge that even a good device would not compute it.

The potentials figures are just too huge...

It may work with small xml tree. Try comparing two small tree, it will work I guess.

But, if it's like some trees I could work on of millions lines, the number of combinations are to high.

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