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Dear All,


I got a message "Your application uses the PatchServices library that is not compatible with your TestComplete version.


I instrumented the Pandora app to TestComplete then installed it to devices ( Samsung Avant, LG-G3). The app is installed successfully. However, when I browsered controls by Spy Object, the app will be stopped. 


I got this message when I tried to do NameMapping.


Is there anyway to update the PatchServices Library for TestComplete? or how to check the PatchServices for TestComplete and Pandora app.


Note: Pandora is a market app, so I don't know what PatchServices they are using.


Thank you in advance.

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PatchServices is a library (located in the <TestComplete 11>\Bin\Extensions\Android\ folder) provided with TestComplete that TestComplete uses to interact with the tested application. The version of the library must exactly correspond to the version of TestComplete, so, it is required to re-apply a library to your tested application if you upgraded TestComplete.

The library is applied to the tested application either 'manually' by adding it to the source project that is used to build the application or automatically by TestComplete when you try to install unprepared application from the Tested Applications editor ( Library can be applied only to the applications that were created using languages/technologies supported by TestComplete (

With the above in mind, you may try to apply the PatchServices library to your tested application (instrument it) if you have its installer (.apk file) available. Otherwise, if the installer is not available, you should not try to interact with your tested application as with the Open one but use the technuques for the unprepared (black-box) applications.

I would also recommend to contact Support via the form and let guys know about the hang problem of your application when it is examined by TestComplete's Object Browser.

  /Alex [Community Hero]
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