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Passing an array variable/values to procedure (delphi script)

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Passing an array variable/values to procedure (delphi script)



I have a procedure which has input parameter OleVariant.

For example procedure doSomething( p:OleVariant);


How is the easiest way to initialize an array and pass to the procedure.

I've tried to initialize dynamically the variable located at Variable List (object)

as one-dimensional array CreateVariantArray(0, 2), and afterward to declare values.


It doesn't work. I got error type mismatch at line: 'CreateVariantArray(0, 2)'

Also it couldn't automatically generate array on call doSomething ([1,2,3,4,5])


Any ideas?


Thank you.

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What are you trying to test with this?  Perhaps we can find you an easier way to do it.

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