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Opening second browser window

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Opening second browser window

Hi All, 


I'm currently working on a problem that bothers me a bit..


I run cross browser tests for a web application.


Now, while having opened one of the browsers with the application under test (IE, Chrome and FF) i need also to open a second browser screen (that needs to stay open during the testing of the cross browser testing). The additional browser is IE (as the application from which i need to compare with only runs in IE (silverlight)).  How can I open the additional IE browser with the second appilication while doing cross browser testing on the three other browsers.


Any help would be appreciated! The only thing i discovered on the forum is about new tabs, not new windows.

As i need to reuse the additional IE (to look for info) I need to keep that window opened until tests are finished.


Best regards, 


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Hi Colin,

When I try to open new IE browser with blow code, sometime IE is getting hang in JS

WshShell.Run("iexplore.exe " + myAppUrl);

IS there any direct method in TC to launch my app in new instance of browser vy JS as I need to execute end to end script with multiple web application.

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