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Object Spy does not recognize my key actions Shift + CTRL + A inside a VMWare but it does remotely

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Object Spy does not recognize my key actions Shift + CTRL + A inside a VMWare but it does remotely

Object Spy does not recognize my key actions Shift + CTRL + A inside a VMWare but does it remotely. How do I fix that ? 

I run TC 12.6


Thank you


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Are you running test complete on your host and trying to get to objects inside the VM, or are you saying you're running Test Complete inside the VM and are not able to?


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Depending upon the client that you're using to get to your VM, certain key combinations don't transfer over.  For example, typically CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't transfer to the remote machine.  You may need to do some kind of key mapping to get the SHIFT-CTRL-A to be able to translate across to your VM.  The issue is not with TestComplete but with the technology used to access the VM's UI.

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Inside my VM yes 😞 

Just to clarify, TestComplete is installed on the VM where you are testing?

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Hi @Marsha_R, yes that's correct. TC is installed on each VM in my host.
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Hi @fazlook,


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