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Nested if then's

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Nested if then's

Hi All,

  New to TC so I'll apoligize in advance if this has been asked/answer.  I searched but found little.  Does TC support nested if then else statements?  ie Can I put another If..Then under the Else?  

  I ask b/c as individual If..Then statements I see the behavior I would expect.  As soon as I try nesting these all I ever get is the behavior in the last Else statement.  I 'believe' I have my indentations correct.  It behaves properly when not nested.  

  The scenario I'm attempting is the app will have 1 of 3 random security questions pop up on attempting to login.  Based on that security question, obviously I enter specific text.  

  Thanks in advance.  

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Yes, you can.   You can nest as many if thens as you want to.  It's just a matter of dragging/dropping the desired If/Then under the parent.



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Thank you Tristan, I"ve read quite a few of your posts.

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