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NameMapping in distributed testing


NameMapping in distributed testing


I am trying to execute a test in another computer (i.e). The test consists of installing an application. I use a lot of NameMapping.Find because the name of the application keeps changing.

I have tried my test with the master computer and everything runs smoothly.

I copy the test to my slave computer (using the Copy Project to Slave command) and, with the same application, the test fails with a bunch of "Object does not exist", one for each NameMapping.Find command I execute. Note: I am using TestExecute in my slave computer.

All my NameMapping.Find are pretty generic, I don't understand what's not working.

Thanks in advance.

RE: NameMapping in distributed testing

Any ideas?

RE: NameMapping in distributed testing

Hi Benoit,

1. Make sure that the problem can be reproduced if the latest version of TestComplete or TestExecute (ver. 7.52) is installed on the master and problematic slave machines.

2. Check whether the Name Mapping scheme and the Find method's parameters are sufficient to recognize the problematic objects on the slave machine.

3. Copy the slave project suite manually (without using the "Copy Project to Slave" command) and check whether the problem can be reproduced after that.

If my assumptions do not help you solve the problem, please reproduce it, zip the entire slave project suite folder located on the slave machine and send us the archive via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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