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Name Mapping problem - I had a project created using TAG model.

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Name Mapping problem - I had a project created using TAG model.

Name Mapping:

Why is it when I  try to edit the name mapping for an existing object I get this error.



        Unable to edit the "NameMapping.Sys.iexplore1.broker_list" element becuase its underlying object does not exist. Do you want to refresh the object tree and try to fing the object again?

However, when I add a new name mapping object it works?

Also note: When I originally created the name mapping objects I was using the TAG model, now it seems to be using something else.  The one thing I do notice is that it doesn't recognize that this is an HTML document like it used to before in TC7.5

I am running TC 7.52.678.7


Hi Tony,

You can only edit Name Mapping items when the needed objects are found in your system. That is quite natural, since you will not be able to add new recognition properties to your Name Mapping scheme if an object does not exist - in this case, TestComplete will not be able to retrieve information on properties exposed by the object in question. So, to edit a Name Mapping item, the corresponding object with the specified recognition criteria must exist in your system. As for web tree models, they obviously affect the object tree significantly. I recommend that you see the Web Tree Models help topic for more information and make sure that you use the tree model you need.

Best regards,

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