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Multi User access question

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Multi User access question



Currently I have TestComplete 10.6 on my local workstation, as I now have a remote colleague we have had discussions about getting a license to install the software on a VM that we can both access. However the point of this would be to allow both of us to use the software at the same time on the same project and it seems unclear if this would be viable, as I have seen a couple of posts about having local project files to avoid conflicts.


Can anyone confirm if the is a solution at at all?





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Hi Cbrundell,


Please review the Teamwork ( ) article to learn how you can set up your work.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Unfortunatley this does not cover the scenario I am talking about, I am not talking about having a shared project it is a question about testcomplete being hosted on a virtual machine and the project files located here as well and both users being able to use the program and project at the same time

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Take a look at this link


I haven't set Test Complete up on a virtual machine before but this seems to explain it well. Using this information with the information previously provided about using a shared project should be able to get you setup the way you need it.

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Thanks, having read the documents it appears the limit is 1 active user per license so to use on a VM would need 2 licenses for 2 active users. Or the other solution is a shared project with 2 sepreated TestComplete instances using this as described.

I can't see how two users can use the same program instance, on the same machine, at the same time. Sounds impossible to me.


Be careful if you're using VM's as well. I have my node locked TestComplete IDE running in a VM. You need to have your license enabled to do it, and you need to be careful to set up the VM correctly. If things like the CPU-ID or MAC address of the virtual network adapter change, they can break the license association.

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Thanks for your reply Colin, I tried to install it on a VM first time without realising the license implication and had issues and it raises further questions on my end about how we approach this moving forwards.



I messed around with the configuration file/setup for the VM I'm using and it's never been used off my machine.


Even being VERY careful with it, the license association has still managed to get broken once since I set it up this way (a few months ago). I have no idea what I did to cause it as all the relevant identifiers *should* be nailed down on the VM.


So yeah, you can do it. But with great care. Even though I'm now using the IDE on a VM, I wouldn't recommend it to be honest.


Common problem with licensed software on VM's. By no means unique to TestComplete ....

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