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Merging Two Project Folders Into One


Merging Two Project Folders Into One

Our initial deployment of TestComplete was somewhat scattershot, as a result I have files for one project in two folders: The base folder in Documents and another off of the C drive.  This hasn't been a problem until now, when I'm attempting to push the files to source control and all the files not located in the main project folder fail to commit. Is there a quick way to merge all the project files into one folder, or will this require having to merge and fix manually?

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First go into TestComplete and select the files that you are going to move in Windows, and do Remove.  That will remove them from the project but not delete them in Windows.


Next, consolidate your folders in Windows and get everything in one place.


Finally, right click in the destination folder and pick Add Existing Child.  This will let you go out to Windows and pick all the files that you just moved.  Now they will all be in the same project in TC and the same folder in Windows.  


I suggest trying it with just a few files at first to get the feel for it.  Also back up all the folders in Windows before you start, just in case something goes awry.





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