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Matching a Wnd caption created ID to the output on a grid.

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Matching a Wnd caption created ID to the output on a grid.



Let me set the scene. I  have a .net form that a user inputs data into. When you save the form an ID is generated and then obviously saved.


My question: Is there a way I can match this generated ID (Which will change everytime) and match it to the saved record on the grid. So lets say it saves as 123 I then use TC to go to the saved record on the grid and find it has 1234 this would therefore mean the ID hasn't saved correctly. So How can I find out if this form matches this saved record despite it changing every time I run a test?

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When you save it, does it give you the ID as a reference anywhere?


Like, via a popup, or an onscreen message or something visible?


Failing that, does it propagate as a property of the form anywhere once the save completes?


If you have no way of getting the ID, then I suspect you're snookered.



TL;DR - As long as you can get the ID from somewhere when you save the form then .... yes.

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When you click save an ID is automatically generated on the form I have just input data to. This is the reference initially before I go and verify the grid with the details on.

As long as you're able to capture that from the GUI, you should be good then.


Capture > Store > Compare.


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