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MSHFlexGridWndClass Not Seen as FlexGrid


MSHFlexGridWndClass Not Seen as FlexGrid

I have a form with a FlexGrid control, specifically shown as WndClass MSHFlexGrid. In TC 9, I had written a function that clicked a record in the grid using the ColNumber property. This is the first time I've run the project since upgrading to TC 10, and the function doesn't work anymore. In tracking it down with Object Spy, it states that it's a Flex Grid, but I don't see any of the normal grid properties to address, especially Column values. 

I tried adding the class to the project's Object Mapping using the Add from Screen function, and it says "The selected object does not match the criteria of the 'Microsoft Controls|WindForms|DataGrid' group." I explicitly added the class name using Add Class Name and rebooted, but it still didn't address the control. Microsoft's website says the MSHFlexGridWndClass is standard with Visual Basic.

My other flex grids are working with the code, however. The odd thing is those are ComponentOne controls, VSFlexGrid, that I had to add a plug-in for with TC9, but haven't done yet for TC10, but they seem to work out of the box.

Is there a plug that I'm missing? 


I'm on TC11 now, but I'm still having problems with the flexgrid not being seen as one (and thus not being able to send grid commands like select a cell, or click a row). 


All other flex grids are working, but this one is still a problem. 

The WndClass is MSHFlexGridWndClass. Unlike other flex grids, the properties and methods available to it are just the standard ones. For instance, one of the grids we use has a WndClass of VSFlexGridL, and I can see and manipulate column, row, and cell data. 


Anyone else familiar with the MSHFlexGrid? 

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