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Launching the Desktop Application

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Launching the Desktop Application

I am trying to launch a desktop application using testcomplete but its not getting launched. So i did some sresearch and got to know that its happening because of the path i am giving in variable but if i use same path suing run command then applicaiton gets open. So i checked with notepad application which gets open but my application is not opening becase of an extra space given in folder name. 

So can anyone help me how to pass path if path has an space between folder name - 

Code is as below - 


Function LaunchApp()

  Dim appPath = "C:\\App\\Ellie Mae\\ApplicationName.exe"     ' here folder Ellie Mae has an space between Ellie and Mae, so application is not opening

  Call Sys.OleObject("WScript.Shell").Run(appPath)


End Function

So can anyone help me how to write the path when there is an space between folder name?


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Like in command prompt you must enclose path into quotes.

In case of VBScript it will be like this:

Dim appPath = """C:\\App\\Ellie Mae\\ApplicationName.exe""" ' three quotes at the beginning and the end


Also you may consider to add your application to Tested Applications and start it using TestedApps functionality:


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