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Incorrect OS Info from Sys.OSInfo property TC 9.0.1069.7 on Win10 x64 system


Incorrect OS Info from Sys.OSInfo property TC 9.0.1069.7 on Win10 x64 system

Hi, I am using TestComplete 9 and I am getting incorrect values about the operating system in Sys.OSInfo object.

The object is returning below values:

FullName : Microsoft Windows 8 Business, 64-bit

Version : 6.2 Build 9200

Windows64bit : True


Actual Values of the OS:

Full Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

Version: 10.0.17134 N/A Build 17134


Could some one please let us know if this is a know issue and if there is any resolution for this.



Yusuf Malak

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Hi Yusuf,


For the official reply I would recommend to ask Support directly via the form.

However, TC 9 is very outdated version and I am pretty sure that even if this appears to be a problem, it won't be corrected.


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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I don't recall 100% when exactly Windows 10 support was added to TestComplete but I'm pretty certain it was after TestComplete 9.  What you are probably experiencing is TestComplete 9 not being coded to understand an OS later than Windows 8.

Robert Martin
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For an instant solution, Try using WMI Object to read the System Info. 



With Regards
Vallalarasu Pandiyan
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