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How to avoid certain "Stop on Error" scenarios?


How to avoid certain "Stop on Error" scenarios?

Hello, I have my project configured to Stop on Errors when I run my test cases, but there are some errors which are not functional bugs (very frequently the TestedApps.App.Run() fails to open the desired application and it stops the test). Is there a way to bypass or make the "Stop on Error" property ignore these scenarios? Because if TestComplete fails to open one of my applications, I would like to retry opening it and continue the test, but so far I have tried putting that code inside a "try-catch" (javascript) block, and the test is still stopped, ignoring the "try" block.


My are does not work within a test, but rather the execution plan. (screenshot below)


Are you running your tests through the execution plan or just from the test level?







I run it through both @brumazz , but I work with scripted test cases, not keyword tests. The same option might work different in scripted and keyword tests.

It looks like it will work the same.



I hope this helps.

If not I would suggest opening a support case.

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