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How to ScrollUp/Down web page to find a specific element? (Python)

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How to ScrollUp/Down web page to find a specific element? (Python)

I want to create a generic function for scroll up/down which will perform the function until the element is visible

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And do you want we write it for you ?

Please put your trial before asking.

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Okay. Solution Accepted. Thank you for the big help.

Sorry i didnt want to be rude but here we are all volunteer, taking our time trying help others.
But as for me you ask a solution without telling us what is your real problem ( scrolling, loop, visible) and no even showing the ideas and trials made.
And that make me feel like we are free dev for others....we aren't that.

So explain more, show you have think about the problem and we can work together..not alone

Un sourire et ça repart

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While @BenoitB is absolutely correct with his notes and questions, try to read the documentation for the .scrollIntoView native DOM method. Usually it works well.


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Hi @tashishIf you want to find a specific element on a page, you can use special TestComplete features. If an element exists on a page, the tool will find it even if it's under the scroll. I recommend that you read the following article containing more information about finding objects on a web page:


If you do need to scroll until the target object, please use Alex's suggestion - you need to call the scrollIntoView method. You can find an example of how to do this on one of the previous conversations: 

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