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How do I simulate holding "UP" key

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How do I simulate holding "UP" key

Hello all,


I'm trying to simulate a press key continuously on "UP" keys but I expected to have the UP key press until it release (and so my value going up for several unit) but it's not the case, it's only one unit by one. I'm doing this :


aqUtils.Delay(TIMEOUT_DELAY, "Step 7 - Wait for 1.5s");


I have a look at these topics (not helpful):




I tried also to record the test, to use different objects, different application ... but nothing works.


Does someone have the answer :

- How to do it ?

- Why it's not working ?


Thank you in advance 




Your "several" up presses isn't something that is measurable.  What are you going to compare it to in order to tell that the test has passed or failed?  

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I would think in a testing or automation sense you would not want to leave this to chance and input the exact number of times up is hit. 

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