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How do I get the x y coordinates of a java swing table cell?

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How do I get the x y coordinates of a java swing table cell?

Just wondering if there is a way to get the x y coordinates of a cell in a java swing table, using jscript?

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Do you have access to the developers? They are quite possibly the people to ask?


A quick google got me this:,%20int,%20boolean)


... which looks like it might return/contain the type of info you're after? (heights, x/y's, etc) Not sure if they are absolute coordinates or relative to the container grid though.

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In addition to @Colin_McCrae’s reply, I recommend that you read the Accessing Native Methods of Java Objects article describing how to work with native Java methods and properties in TestComplete.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Yep. That may well be the case.


It sounds very similar to rhe "RECT" property of a TreeView Node object in Delphi. I need to use those to get co-ordinates relative to the tree container in order to apply a click to a custom checkbox.


But the RECT property is only available via the debug agent (in Delphi land). So what Tanya is saying makes sense to me.

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The Rectangle method worked to get me the x,y coordinates.  Thanks

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