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How do I access Variable values from Test Complete project to run in Test Execute.

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How do I access Variable values from Test Complete project to run in Test Execute.

I copied Test Complete project in shared location and accesing this project on a different machine to run with Test execute.

I changed the variable values in TestComplete script and copied again to shared loaction but I see that Test Execute is not accessing or running with variable values that I have setup on Test Cmplete. How do i access these variable values on Test Execute.


I defined these variables at project level as Persistent Variables.


Also I see that when  I modify keyward test or a script and copy as a whole project to shared location and access it to run with test Execute, it doesn't reflect those modifications. I have to copy each component individually to shared location and run it .

Is this how it works.


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If you are trying to distribute your tests to a Test Execute machine you should copy the entire project suite directory to the machine that you wish to run your tests on. I would highly recommend using some sort of source control like TortoiseSVN.


Note: When you add a keyword test it creates a new file for that keyword test. This file will have an extension of .tckDTest and will need to be added to your source control or copied to the other machine.

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I copied entire project suite to a folder on my local machine then copied the project suite from that location to a network loctaion from which I am accessing the script on TestExecute and running it. But it is not taking the current variable values set on

Test Complete on my local machine.

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Hi, Getting back to this Issue, The script has Variables defined as First Name and Last Name with Values like QAFirst1, QALast1.


Everytime the script runs the numeric part of the variables increment by 1 so I have new names like QAFirst2, QALast2 and so on.


I copied this project suite/project/keyward test to a shared location and run on remote machine with Test execute every hour. Now that the variable values went up high, I want to reset the variable values in the script that run on Test Execute.


So I changed the variable value on TestComplete on local machine and copied this project suite /project/keyward test again to the network shared location from where Test Execute access the script and runs.


But i see that the variable values is not being reset or copied over to the same I am setting it to on Test Complete.


For example: On my local machine with Test Complete, the script runs with variable value QAFirst 35, QALast35 but on remote machine using Test Execute it runs with values, QAFirst545, QAlAST545 as it runs every hour. So I want to bring these variable values back to what I have configured on Test Complete.


So what is the object item exactly that is part of project suite that copies over these variable values to network location so that the new variable values can be accessed by Test Execute.


Also I defined these variable values at project level as Persistent variables not at the Project Suite level.


I hope I made it clear. Please suggest.

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