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Help with javascript menus

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Help with javascript menus

NOTE: I tried emailing this to support a few times but each time received an error message, so I'm posting it here also.

I'm using vbscript to test a web based app written in dot net.  I am having troubles handling the menus in my product and need some help.

The menu for the product is presented in a tabbed fashion and does not use standard html links.  Rather, it uses a dojo class of javascript.  When I use the object properties window to explore the menu tabs it shows me that the menu is created as a set of nested panels.  

For example, one of the menu tabs I would like to access is the Organization tab.  

Here is its FullName:

Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("http://localhost/CAS/enu/Index.aspx").Form("indexForm").Panel("layout").Table("MagicTable").Cell(0, 0).Panel("content").Panel(0).Panel(1).Panel(0).Panel("MainTabsContainer_MainTabs").Panel("MainTabsContainer_Directory_Tab").Panel(0).Panel(0)


<DIV class="dijitReset dijitInline veraTabNode" dojoAttachPoint="centerNode">

<DIV class=hidden dojoAttachPoint="arrowNode"></DIV>

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0>




The innerText of the object looks promising to search for because it is just Organization, but when I created a function to click on the menu item the TestComplete log tells me the object was clicked on, but it never actually is.

RE: Help with javascript menus

Hi Megan,

Please see our reply in the following AutomatedQA forums thread:

Also, in the future, please don't start duplicated threads in the forums. If you need to add something to a thread which has already been created, just post a reply to that thread.

Best regards,

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RE: Help with javascript menus

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the help.  This was actually a separate issue because they were different types of links entirely.  I realize now that the way I worded this message made it sound like they were the same.  But the good news is that I was able to figure out a fix to this problem with the menus.

Thanks again!

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