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Forcing TestExecute updates on remote VM

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Forcing TestExecute updates on remote VM

I currently have TestExecute working with our CI using TeamCity, I'm getting rather frustrated with TestExecute updates for Firefox however which seem to be quite regular and hold the build step up as it's waiting for input on the remote machine, obviously, because the Test is performed out of office is hourse there is no way to know until I come into to see that the build step has been held up for ages or just timed out.


Short of disabling updates altogether is there anyway to force the updates?



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I guess /SilentMode command line argument can handle your scenario. Have you added this command line into your TestExecute command line parameters in TeamCity.


From Smartbear docuemnt


/SilentMode - If this argument is specified, TestExecute works in silent mode, that is, it neither displays dialogs, nor informs you about errors or warnings. The dialogs and messages to be displayed are handled as if you pressed the default button in them. Information about these dialogs and messages is saved to the following file:


The file should not be read-only or locked by another application.

The errors that occur during the test run are posted to the test log.


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Thanks! I had that in initially but then took it out to test a setup and forgot about it.


I'll put it back in and hopefully that will sort it.

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