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Facing issue when we run the scripts in Safari browser

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Facing issue when we run the scripts in Safari browser

We are automating web application using TestComplete. Test was working fine in IE . But in Safari we are facing an issue. In our web application when we click on a button it pops up a dialogue, in that data is listed in Table format. In one of the cell we have a checkbox. We have to select that checkbox. But in Safari, it fails to do the operation. Can anybody help us to perform this cross browser testing?

Also there is a delay when the application opens in a new tab i.e continuation of the application. We are creating an object using FindChild method as mentioned below. Can you plz let me know when we create a web object by this method can we use Wait method to wait until it appears?


'Function Name : getObj

'Parameters    : Object of parent, Array of Properties, Array of values Currosponding to Properties

'Puropse       : To get object by giving properties and values

'Author        : Vinayak


function getObj(oParent,strProperties)

    Dim arrProp()

    Dim arrValue()

    arrOneProp = split(strProperties,";")

    Redim arrProp(ubound(arrOneProp))

    Redim arrValue(ubound(arrOneProp))

    for i = 0 to ubound(arrOneProp)

        arrOneOfOne = split(arrOneProp(i),"=")

        arrProp(i) = arrOneOfOne(0)

        arrValue(i) = arrOneOfOne(1)


    Set w = oParent.FindChild(arrProp, arrValue, 100)

    Set getObj = w 

End function

TestComplete -10.537

Safari - 5.1.7

Thank you

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Hi Jyothi,


Could you please read the "Waiting for an Object, Process or Window Activation" article to learn the ways to obtain the objects appearing when executing tests?

As for your function, it looks ok. To guarantee the successful test execution, you may check whether the parent object exists and finds the child only after this:


if (oParent.Exists)


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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