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Copying a project

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Copying a project

I want to use the same basic project with the same variables throughout all my projects.  If i copy C:\BASE\2A\z1.pjs to  C:\BASE\2B\z1.pjs I need it two switch from  2A to 2B without all the error messages, since all the folders will be the same.  Since it seems to be hardcoded to C:\BASE\2A, can I edit one of the files changing 2A to 2B before I run TestComplete? 

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Re: Copying a project



I want to use the same basic project with the same variables throughout all my projects.

Project as a whole cannot be used within another project.

Project variables cannot be shared between different projects.

You may add existing project as a whole to as many test suites as you like.

Also, you may add components (script units, keyword tests, etc.) of one project to another project(s) via the 'Add | Existing Item...' context menu functionality.

You may consider to use Project Suite variables to have their values to be accessible for all projects within this given project suite.


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