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Click method not reliable


Click method not reliable

Hi all.

Am I the only one having problems with the Click method? It's not all the time, but I frequently see my tests failing because the Click action has no effect, despite the action being recorded in the log. As I watch the test running, I can see the mouse get positioned over the object I want to click, so the method is doing at least that much. But whatever is expected to happen as a result of clicking the object frequently just doesn't happen. I have never seen a similar lack of response from these objects when clicking them manually, so it seems that there is a problem with the way TC simulates mouse clicks..

I have seen this problem with ordinary web objects in IE and Firefox, as well as Silverlight objects (athough I suspect the Silverlight ones may be due to a different problem)

RE: Click method not reliable

Hi Tony,

To investigate the problem, we will need your project suite along with failed tests execution results. Zip the folder containing your project suite. Then, submit a request via our Contact Support form and attach the archive to the request. Point out the problematic object.

Also, in the request, answer the following questions:

1. Can the problem be reproduced on some public site? If it cannot, we will need you to give us access to your application or a sample application on which the problem can be reproduced.

2. Let me know the versions of the browser, OS and Silverlight framework on which the problem can be reproduced.

Best regards,

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