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Click.Item always select the 2nd item from the list

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Click.Item always select the 2nd item from the list



I am very new to TestComplete and have absolutely no coding knowledge whatsoever so am using keyword tests. I just want to be able to specify with click.item to either:

a) always choose option 2 of the drop-down or;

b) select a specific string element from a list of options which I can determine


I have searched through the community posts and looked at several guides but it is not making sense to me! Any help would be appreciated

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Did you try recording a test that does either one of these actions?  That's the place to start.  Then you can show us your example and explain how you would like to change it.  We all have different software to test and it's very hard to help you without more specifics.

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Hi Marsha_R


I've attached part of the test recorded. I have 2 test DB's in which the drop-down data is different in many scenarios. In the example attached I would like a particular address to be selected depending on which database I am running the test against. 



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You could query the database for the address that you want, and then store that in a variable that you pass as a parameter to the ClickItem message. 


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