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Cant add my apk app via BitBar to mobile screen

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Re: Cant add my apk app via BitBar to mobile screen



The message says that your tested application cannot be started.

If it is not too late, let's start from the scratch as I am lost at where you are...


Mobile testing with BitBar cloud is documented in this help section:

Read it for details and follow it. I had no problems here.

If I remember it right, the sequence of actions is like this:

-- Login into your BitBar account;

-- Upload your tested application to BitBar;

-- Copy your access key and paste it into <Project Properties>|Mobile Devices|BitBar->API key;

-- Choose the device that you'd like to test on, start manual test session with it from BitBar UI and check if your tested application starts successfully;

-- In TestComplete use the wizard to generate the code with required capabilities for the selected mobile device and use this generated code in your test code.


All the above steps (except the one with manual test in BitBar) are documented in the mentioned help section.

Try to follow the documentation and let us know the result.



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Re: Cant add my apk app via BitBar to mobile screen

Thanks Alex!


@David91 was it a success?

Sonya Mihaljova
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