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CTF Loader


Most of us must run our test nightly. I have personnaly several machines running on Win 10 Pro, and updated to last version (1909).

My tests are very common in the way that they simulate keystrokes and mouse clicks on an accounting program.

An annoying thing is that I have a process, CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) that takes more and more size all along the nights and reaches up to 1,5Gb (!!!) in memory, leading the machine to crash due of lack of memory.

The only solution for me is to kill periodicaly this process or reboot the machines.

if I try to disable Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service, the same problem still occurs in another process name : Host Process for Windows Tasks, which still runs MsCTFMonitor.

Any hint please ?

Thank you,


I think you'll see it marked as resolved if a solution is given and the OP doesn't respond for a long time.  There is some responsibility on the OP side to show interest in the conversation and contribute to the community by responding.  

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