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Batch cmd to stop only the execution inTestExecute

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Batch cmd to stop only the execution inTestExecute


Can you please give a solution for the below requirement.

Here is my requirement:

I have developed a Web form for running TestExecute Scripts.'Run' button and 'Exit' button is available in the form,

Clicking on Run button will invoke a batch file which will start the TestExecute and run the scripts.

I have a Exit button as well which will invoke the batch file which interrupts the script execution(Note that it will only interrupt the script execution but not exit the Test Execute) in case the script is hanging

So I need to write a command in Exit batch file which will only stop the execution of scripts but TestExecute should remain open and log results should be displayed

Can you please suggest a command line for this requirement.

Hope this description will be useful for you to help me.

Thanks & Regards,



RE: Batch cmd to stop only the execution inTestExecute

Hi Tejeshwini,

Actually, you cannot interrupt the script execution from the command line. I suggest that you work with TestExecute via COM to accomplish your task. See the "Working With TestExecute via COM" help topic for more information.

Best regards,

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