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Add object button recognized as the same add object button from another different page

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Add object button recognized as the same add object button from another different page



In my script i'm moving from one page to another, in the 1st page i'm adding devices by selecting the object and then click a + sign that open a drop down list in which i select from a value. then i move to a different page - programming and again select an object ,click the + sign in order to select a value. my problem is that tc recognize this + sign menu in these two different pages as the same menu although it is 2 different menus with different number of values and different values. tc won't recognized the different and i won't be able to select a value by its name, probably it's possible to select a value by index but i want to be able to select value by its name.


Does anyone know why the + sign recognized as the same object?



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How can I get the other object if TC can't retrieve it's properties? in order to get its properties i'm using Point and Fix , is there any way to get these properties?

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What happens when you click record and record just a quick little bit of performing the task you want to perform?  The reason I ask is that the properties you've given show that what you have as Object A actually has a "PopupMenu" as a property... which means that the interaction is with the PopupMenu...  And recording should show how Testcomplete works with that.


You might want to look into

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It is a popup menu item and that's why i can't retrieve its properties.


Here's a recording of clicking the + sign to show the popup menu and selecting one of the items.


function Test1()
var quickDesign_ConfigurationManager;
quickDesign_ConfigurationManager = Aliases.QuickDesign_ConfigurationManager;


Another thing i would like to mention is that i saw that i have another ItemsControl Alias in my Aliases mapping so, to be honest i'm not sure if the clash is between theses to or the other. see attached file where you can see the three objects. i've changed names for two of them thought it'll solve the problem but you can still see the ItemsControl in the name.


Let me know if that helps or if you need me to do anything else.



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