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ASP.NET MVC File Upload

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ASP.NET MVC File Upload

I want to upload file in . How can I upload the file using html input file control?

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TestComplete is a tool that is designed around interacting, primarily, with the UI to perform tests.  So, the first thing I would suggest is to do a quick "record" of the specific task to see how TestComplete interacts with the component.  Now, a caveat... i would not KEEP that recording without making edits, updates, changes to make it more robust and "bullet proof", but that is a starting point.  It will give you.


1) How TestComplete recognizes the control

2) A generation of an initial NameMapping of the control

3) A rough code representation of the UI interaction.


Have you tried this yet?  If so, what specific problems are you running into?

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Why automate?  I do automated testing because there's only so much a human being can do and remain healthy.  Sleep is a requirement.  So, while people sleep, automation that I create does what I've described above in order to make sure that nothing gets past the final defense of the testing group.
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